IT Strategy


IT has increasingly become more of a strategic weapon than a mere functional unit supporting the business. This shift not only offers a new set of strategic options but also poses new challenges for leaders. These industry changes can be quite dramatic. As an example, e-books and tablets are fundamentally reshaping the publishing industry’s business model.

Few companies are realizing the full potential from their technology investments. The number of stalled and canceled systems initiatives exhibit the gap that exists between value realized and the full potential. Many IT projects deliver a fraction of the expected benefits resulting in a high level of executive dissatisfaction.


Companies must leverage technology to deliver sustainable competitive advantage. IT must be used to drive innovation and create organizational flexibility to adapt to market changes. The IT project portfolio must be optimized to provide the best allocation and alignment of IT investment with the needs of the business. Companies must streamline their IT organizations by simplifying systems to reduce costs, sourcing IT hardware and services from the best location (inside or outside the company) and dramatically increasing the business results from IT initiatives.

What We Do

Bagley brings objectives and criteria for an IT strategy along with supporting enablers like processes, organization, and governance. Our consultants bring a deep understanding of technology trends and business needs to help develop an IT strategy that supports and enables the larger business goals. These strategies draw heavily on our experience in helping clients redesign IT functions such as application development, infrastructure, sourcing, or Lean IT, and on our knowledge of business strategy.

Bagley helps IT organizations understand business priorities and support business needs, making IT capabilities a core element of the business strategy. We help build trust in IT capabilities by actively participating in, and often leading, IT projects and investments while also proactively identify business opportunities.

  • We help clients understand and develop strategies with respect to truly important technology trends.
  • We work with clients to develop technology enabled innovation environments including systematic processes to successfully identify, incubate, and commercialize IT-driven innovations.
  • We help clients develop enterprise architectures providing blueprints for future business processes, applications, data warehouses, development environments, and technology infrastructures.
  • We help improve business agility by reducing IT and process complexity and helping organizations better govern their IT investments.