IT Organization


Over the past ten years, Information technology organizations have made great strides in efficiency and business integration. They have accomplished this through massive cost cutting, increasing commonality across the company, and consolidating distributed resources.

However, completely new challenges are emerging with more IT-savvy people in non-IT functions. New technology paradigms, such as Web 2.0 and software as a service, rapidly evolving IT-services, and business process outsourcing ecosystems, add to the complexity of the IT organization. Today, IT is under pressure not only to optimize costs but also to generate value.


Successful IT organizations must, therefore, reinvent themselves to take their efficiency and effectiveness to the next level and manage IT like a business. They must determine how their role fits into the overall organization, especially as many roles are being moved to external providers.

Added value comes when IT takes an active role in activities such as business process design, business transformation leadership, product design, and shared business services. The IT organization must run like an efficient factory while helping generate IT enabled business innovations.

To accomplish this, the IT organization must have the optimal number of layers with the proper number of managers. They must also attract the right talent and discover ways to manage them effectively.

What We Do

Successfully implementing an IT strategy requires an organization and governance model tailored to the IT strategy. Bagley works with companies to design IT organizations, processes and capabilities for scalability, performance and effective decision making, control and management. We help support IT strategy execution by designing the right models, decision making processes, incentives, and metrics. Working alongside your teams, we apply customized, problem-solving techniques proven to build IT value.

Our experts use data driven analysis to diagnose existing issues, mitigate potential risks and identify opportunities. We start with an assessment of the IT organization’s performance. We then help the IT organization design targeted programs that create significant improvements in problem areas such as business relationship management, project execution, application availability, recruiting, and career management.

  • We help IT leaders define the right roles for themselves and for their organizations.
  • We work with clients to design new or improved IT-governance mechanisms that create value by making certain that business and IT are aligned on strategies, priorities, business justifications, resources, project performance, and value achievement.
  • We help clients design and implement programs aimed at achieving significant advancements in their level of performance.
  • We help IT organizations develop strategic workforce-management approaches, including analysis of skills needed over the next few years, defining career paths, and developing new performance management approaches.