Digital Economy


The digital ecosystem is undergoing a massive shift due to mobile, social, the cloud, and the movement to the Internet. These technologies are drastically changing the relationships between companies and consumers. Companies can now leverage vast new sources of consumer information that lets them engage customers in a highly targeted way. Consumers have more power to gather and process information, connect, and voice opinions in ways like never before.


To win in the digital economy, companies must recognize that the stakes are high and the time to act is now. Executives must be willing to explore new approaches and learn by experimentation.

Companies must have a dynamic digital strategy that generates value and considers new business models. They must have deep insight into how customers are using new digital tools. Marketing strategies must take advantage of new technologies to enhance traditional campaigns. Online and mobile channels must be utilized as part of go-to-market strategies. Finally, IT must be adaptable enough to support these new business models and changes.

What We Do

Bagley helps clients separate facts from hype and succeed in a challenging, competitive landscape. We help our clients extract the most value from their IT investment at a time when rapidly changing technology is fundamentally affecting most aspects of marketing and sales strategy and execution.

We help clients design, select or build, and implement marketing and sales IT systems to capture the maximum business value in the shortest timeframe. Our highly skilled system architects create the foundation for rapid and effective implementation of systems that maximize value from day one.

  • We help clients adopt a long-term perspective on digital transformation while ensuring that their efforts remain undiluted and targeted.
  • We work with clients to focus on "digital listening" to effectively aim their messages.
  • We help clients leverage their intellectual property advantage and drive innovation.
  • We bring essential digital economy marketing expertise including strategy, metrics, organization, advocacy, and pricing.
  • We help clients define their digital organization structure, implement change management plans, and adapt recruiting and training methods to support the strategy.
  • We help companies with data integrity, analytics, and customer relationship management.