Strategic Planning


Many executives see their companies’ strategy development processes as bureaucratic or fragmented rather than insightful. Often times there is more focus on the past than on developing future competitive advantage. Executives also face the vital challenge of translating strategic insight into actionable corporate plans and linking them with annual budgets.

A primary reason that companies frequently struggle with their strategic management and planning processes is with the difficulty in reconciling short-term tactical moves with long-term strategic goals. Another is the difficulty in building the capabilities needed to execute their strategies.


A critical part of improving the planning process is refining overall strategic decision-making capabilities. Subconscious biases such as excessive optimism, groupthink, and loss aversion will often undermine strategic decision-making. Our candid conversations with corporate leaders confirm the abundant body of research indicating that cognitive biases affect strategic decisions made by even the most experienced managers in the best companies. Behavioral strategy provides a perspective on the biases that are often inherent in clients’ decision-making processes.

What We Do

Bagley helps companies strengthen their strategy development processes, elevate overall strategic decision-making, and improve implementation. We support clients in designing custom tailored solutions to specific issues or in a full redesign of their approach to strategic management and planning.

After performing a situational analysis examining the market, the competition, your suppliers, and available technologies, Bagley works with you to answer the following questions:

  • How can the creative insights that lead to competitive advantage best be generated?
  • How do we increase our agility and preparedness in the face of a unpredictable environment?
  • How do we best translate strategic vision into actionable plans and annual budgets?
  • How can we foster the alignment necessary to ensure our strategy is converted into action?
  • What processes will accomplish our objectives most efficiently?
  • We see things others miss, offering you more creative solutions and clear insights into how to create value in your business.
  • We work collaboratively with your team to build lasting capabilities while helping your organization mobilize for change.
  • We define our success by the results you realize. We enjoy our work and care deeply about our clients as people.