Corporate Growth


Continuous profitable growth is the goal of virtually every company, but identifying growth opportunities is becoming increasingly more difficult. Markets are becoming more saturated, and pricing flexibility is restrained by low-cost competitors. In addition, replacement cycles for products are lengthening as functionality and quality levels increase.

In analyzing opportunities, we have found that applying broad terms such as “growth industry” and “mature industry,” can sometimes prove imprecise or even downright wrong. Many so-called growth industries, such as high tech, include segments that are not growing at all. At the same time, industries that most consider mature, such as consumer goods, have some segments that are growing rapidly. Often times, perspectives on growth are created by averaging the different growth rates within an industry’s segments and sub-segments. This can create a misleading view of growth prospects.


In many cases, growth opportunities can be pursued through an existing business model, but sometimes a completely different model is likely to have a greater advantage. Companies must identify where to compete and then design and execute strategies to capture those growth opportunities.

What We Do

Bagley helps our clients view their markets through a finer lens. We work with leaders to develop a more detailed, or “granular,” perspective on trends, future growth rates, and market structures. After helping identify where to compete, we support clients as they execute the growth strategies. We help our clients define the capabilities they must build to win, create business plans, allocate resources, mobilize talent, and track the progress.

Combining creativity and analytical insight, our approach helps you identify and overcome both external and internal barriers to growth.

  • How do we maximize the growth potential of the current business?
  • How can we outgrow the industry and our competitors?
  • What attractive growth opportunities are there in adjacent markets?
  • Where are medium to long-term growth opportunities likely to emerge, and what do we need to do to capture them?
  • How should we prioritize our opportunities for growth?
  • How do we best align our organization to capitalize on the growth opportunities?
  • We assess whether current initiatives will meet growth targets by testing and ranking current investments.
  • We identify opportunities to enhance the growth performance of the existing business through new segments, reprioritized investments, new policies, and new processes.
  • We evaluate and prioritize growth options in an adjacent product, industry, or region, and then define the strategy to pursue these new markets.
  • Through a process that focuses on identifying, prioritizing, and defining winning strategies and on aligning management around major growth platforms, we identify critical opportunities at the intersection of company capabilities and key megatrends.