Organizational Design


A company’s structure determines its ability to execute its strategy and rapidly adapt to change. The primary determinant of an organization's performance is its ability to make and execute key decisions.

Often times, accountabilities and incentives are not aligned to the company’s strategy. Organizational complexity (bureaucracy) can slow or prevent key decisions thereby handicapping execution and dampening morale.


To optimize the organizational structure, a company must be able to translate strategic objectives into organizational requirements. Organizational complexity must be minimized while still maintaining necessary control.

What We Do

People working together collaboratively is the basis of competitive advantage. That is why we address organizational performance and employee engagement simultaneously. We help clients actively resolve complexity, avoiding both bureaucracy and misaligned action, so that any organizational change is successfully implemented.

The starting point for a successful "reorg" is the decisions that create value, not the boxes and lines of the org chart. Our approach helps companies structure their operations around the key sources of value in the business, remove unnecessary complexity and set up an effective operating model that allows the company to realize its strategic objectives.

  • We effectively identify and assess spans of control and excess layers within an organization to identify opportunities for complexity reduction.
  • We leverage sociological analysis to determine root causes of issues so that our proposed solutions solve the right problems.
  • Our process allows clients to assign the right accountabilities to ensure that the chosen organization model works most effectively.