Change Management


Today's economic environment requires urgent, significant, and difficult transformation. Companies that embark on such modification face multiple hurdles such as how to lead the change during turbulent times. If staff reductions are necessary, the survivors may feel guilty and could create issues that must be settled.


To successfully charter the waters of change, companies must maintain the engagement and motivation of staff during the change. Plans for sustaining the change must be in place or risk the change being for naught. Throughout the process there will be many risks that must be identified and managed. Finally, and most importantly, the change must actually provide results to the bottom line.

The only path to change that sticks and makes a difference is through self-discovery. To get the desired results, one must inspire, respect, empower, and involve staff at all levels. Any approach to change must focus on transparent, understandable, fact-based, and business-driven actions. Actions should be minimally sufficient to ensure the most efficient deployment of scarce resources.

What We Do

Bagley works with clients to customize an approach that delivers sustained, measurable results and embeds real behavioral change. In every case, explicit attention is paid to managing both the operational side and the people side of change.

Our deep experience and rigorous approach help clients shape successful transformation programs and build cultures of continuous improvement. We help clients attain excellence by managing both performance and organizational health with equal rigor.

We help organizations move beyond structures, processes, and systems to address individual and collective behavior, including culture, mindsets, capabilities, and team and group dynamics.

  • We create an agenda for change and align leadership to the effort’s goals and means.
  • We mobilize the organization, from the leadership to the front line, through a structured cascade.
  • We hard wire change into business and people processes.
  • We help clients manage for results through disciplined, rigorous procedures and tracking systems.
  • We help sustain change by structuring the organization for ongoing learning.
  • We help clients communicate strategically and consistently throughout the change efforts.