Lean Service


The customer experience has become an important strategic asset in many industries, especially those with commoditizing products or where fierce price wars and customer churn is prevalent. Additionally, advances in technology and the globalization of many industries have amplified customer expectations. However, misconceptions about what customers value lead to misguided “improvement” efforts that waste valuable resources.


Effective and efficient customer service has a critical impact on customer acquisition, retention and cost management. Service operations that are tailored to the needs of the specific customer segments, while balancing quality and cost objectives, play an integral role in the company's success.

To better focus their efforts, companies must determine which customer interactions lead to attrition, advocacy, and greater spending. They must determine when they should focus on service more than product or price and identify which service experiences hurt customer satisfaction the most.

What We Do

We define “customer experience” as the sum of all customer interactions within a company across all channels, products, and services and spanning the whole customer lifecycle. To generate satisfaction, a customer’s experience must align with expectations. Our goal is to help our clients exceed those expectations to create a sustainable competitive advantage that leads to greater profits.

We help define the target customer experience, translate it into operational requirements, and ensure consistent service delivery across channels in the most cost effective way. Through this work, we help companies create a cycle of increased employee satisfaction, improved service quality, and improved customer loyalty that impacts both the top and bottom line.

We rely on a broad set of tools to achieve the target results, including Lean Six Sigma, complexity reduction, and process re-design.

  • We focus on the high impact areas such as the customer interactions that drive attrition, advocacy, and greater spending and the service experiences that hurt customer satisfaction the most.
  • We help create a compelling service proposition focused on key touch-points, is consistent with the overall value proposition, and strikes the right balance across the offer, execution, and tone of service.
  • We help our clients develop the right service strategy, set ambition levels, and design and prioritize initiatives based on value and cost to implement.
  • We work with our clients to reconfigure processes, systems, and organizational structure in support of the service strategy. This includes training staff, creating incentives that reward new behaviors, and designing metrics to measure progress toward specific milestones.