Frequently Asked Questions

What are your fees?

At the outset, it can be hard to know the costs and benefits associated with an initiative. That is why most firms bill by the hour. We take a different approach. Bagley offers a free on-site assessment which often involves several meetings and interviews. From these sessions, we work with you to identify the scope of the engagement and the range of benefits. This allows you to get to know us before making a commitment and gives us the information we need to provide a proposal that includes a flat-fee cost for our services. That way, you know the investment up front which limits surprises.

Do you do pro bono work with non-profits?

Absolutely! We believe it is our duty to give back to the communities that support us. Unfortunately, we get more requests than we can serve so we sometimes have to turn down organizations we admire and respect. Please reach out to us to start the conversation and discover how we can best help. + Learn More

Do you work with startups?

Yes. We understand that cash is a scarce resource for startups. So, depending on your stage and our required level of involvement, you may qualify for a discounted rate. If the idea is intriguing enough, we are open to exploring an exchange of services for equity. + Learn More

What geography do you cover?

We have offices in Birmingham, AL and Nashville, TN. However, we have worked with clients as far away as San Francisco, CA. A large majority of our engagements are within Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Florida.

What if we are not satisfied?

Through open, honest communication, we find that issues are resolved long before there is a need to discontinue the engagement. However, our agreements always offer an out if either party is not satisfied.

How are you different from other firms?

First, we check our ego at the door. We realize that a successful engagement requires the knowledge and skills of everyone involved. We will never know your business like you do so we will never pretend like we do. We know that the value we bring is a fresh, outside perspective, sharp minds, creativity, and proven tools and techniques. Next, we are passionate about helping people succeed in business through solving the problems that are holding them back. Finally, we provide a flat-fee proposal before the engagement so that you know exactly what your investment will be. + Learn More

Can you provide client references?

We are happy to provide client references once we have held the initial on-site assessment and have tentatively agreed on the scope and structure of an engagement.